Our Story

Whatever we do in our existence, every form of action or decision, every coffee that is forgotten on the kitchen counter, every building that is demolished, they all represent an expression of nature getting back to the essence of things. The beginning of forms, the solitude of everything being just the way it was meant to be.

And in all this chaos and the busyness of life, we question where we started and where we’re going. We try to comprehend the harmony, define it, compartmentalize it, search for it. And yet… It’s harder than it seems.Just for a moment while reading this, let us see through the external things, dive deep into the essence of the objects that we carry with us, that have meaning and reason. 

PurBlanche’s mission is to translate that essence into expressions of artwork and beauty, inspired by architecture and artists that have left a mark on this world. We ourselves are walking and talking figures of creativity. Let that be seen and known by everybody through our fashion jewelry.

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